1. Pack of 4 Spiky Massage Balls By Appleround

These colorful massage balls can be used to stimulate blood circulation and relieve tension. The pack of 4 balls comes in soft and hard ball combo designed to provide different levels of stimulation depending on the user’s preference. The 2 soft balls are colored yellow and green and are perfect for moderate massage. The hard balls are colored red and blue and are more suitable for strong levels of stimulation.


– It comes in an attractive packaging. Just add a bow and it is a perfect gift.
– The spiky points or sensory nodules act as mini acupressure points that stimulate blood circulation when rolled around the body
– 4 pcs of balls means 4 people can use it all at once.
– Balls are made of high quality PVC


– When the room temperature is cold, the soft balls become as firm as the hard balls.

2. Foot Rubz Massage Ball By Due North

Due North’s Foot Rubz Massage Ball is the perfect companion for people on the go. It is lightweight and small enough to fit in your bag. Use it while you are at the office, while you are stuck in traffic or taking a long train ride. Use it to relieve soreness and pain on your hands, feet, and other parts of the body.

– It is effective at relieving plantar fasciitis temporarily
– It is small and lightweight and thus can be carried inside your bag discreetly

– It comes in only one color, green
– There is only one ball per pack. If you want more you will have to buy another pack.
– People might mistake it for a dryer ball and use it in the laundry

3. Massage Ball By Prosatisfy

The Prosatisfy Foot, Hand, and Back Massage Balls come in a set of 3 massage balls with different sizes and textures. The first one is a large massage ball with short, blunt spikes that act as acupressure points. The second one is a smaller massage ball with more pointed spikes. The last one looks like a lacrosse ball that does not have spikes.


– It is perfect for performing myofascial release when rolled on your key trigger points.
– It comes in packs of 3 balls with different levels of stimulation.

– Some users reported that there are no instructions on how to use the product.
– The balls felt too firm for some users.
– The surface of the felt ball got dirty easily

4. Yoga Massage Ball By Mandala Yoga

The Yoga Massage Ball from Mandala Yoga is made of solid rubber that is durable and sturdy. It is ideal for self-soothing massage, prenatal massage and as a tool to help you recover after an injury. It also helps in eliminating tension in any part of your body.

– The balls are perfect for foot massages
– Bright colors make it easy to find if it got lost under all the contents of you handbag
– Simple and straightforward design. The colors are attractive and eye catching.
– The difference in colors for the extra firm 2.6” inch ball makes it easy to distinguish from the less firm ball.

– Some users think that it was too similar to a lacrosse ball which is cheaper.
– Some users reported that the balls were too hard
– The smell of the plastic lingers long after you have opened the product

5. Combo Foot Massage By Footspa Pro

The FootSpa Pro Foot Therapy Combo comes with a porcupine massage ball and a wooden foot roller. The size of the foot roller at 5.5 inches is perfect for any foot size. Together, the massage ball and foot roller is a great combination for the perfect foot massage. You can also use them both to massage your back. Use the roller on your feet while you are watching TV to relieve your tired feet after walking or running.

– The wooden foot roller can ease tension and soreness in tired feet.
– The massage ball can affectively relieve muscle soreness.

– The packaging of the product leaves so much to be desired as it comes in a thin bubble wrap and plastic according to one user.
– Price is too high for something so simple.

6. Massage Ball Rollers, 2 Pack By Nayoya Wellness

The Nayoya Wellness 2 piece Massage Ball Rollers are great for relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation. The rollers are made of smooth marble-like plastic material that glides easily all over your body. It does not require batteries in order to operate. You can adjust the intensity of the massage using the pressure of your own hand.

– The band of rubber surrounding the ball roller makes it less prone to slipping while in use.
– Does not require any batteries in order to function.
– Some users loved its quirky and cute Dragon Ball-like design.
– High price compared to other massage balls
– Some users reported the balls get pushed back to the handle whenever pressure is applied so the sides of the plastic handle scratches the skins surface.
– User needs to grip the massage balls tightly if they want to add pressure which can be hard for people with arthritis.

7. Foot Therapy Combo By Body Back Company

Body Back Company’s Foot Therapy Combo is another massage ball and foot roller combo that can be used for both feet and back. The wooden foot roller is wider than other foot rollers at 8.5 inches which would cover your back if you intend to use it as a back massager. The massage ball is large and has a dense number of spikes that are perfect for acupressure massage.

– It comes with a free reflexology card that you can use to guide you as to where your acupressure points are located.
– The massage balls come in porcupine style and in colors blue, red and yellow. They are made of soft polyurethane material.
– Some users reported that the roller ball was too soft. One user even reported that she stood on it and it felt like a cotton ball under her feet. The packaging is not very attractive.
– Some users reported the rubber ring around the wooden roller came off after several uses.

8. Orb Deep Tissue Massage Ball By Pro-Tec Athletics

The Orb Deep Tissue High Density Massage Ball from Pro-Tec Athletics is a 5” diameter ball that is made of high quality plastic. It has a dense number of tiny dots all over its surface which provides an aggressive deep tissue massage to various parts of the body including hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. It is perfect for runners and athletes.

– The tiny dots are not as spiky as other roller balls but are able to hit the right acupressure points.
– It does not get squished easily even when full weight is applied.
– The 5” diameter is bigger than most massage balls which some users loved.
– Some users reported that it splits in half after only a few weeks of use.
– Price is too high for only one massage ball.
– Some users reported that the ball was too hard.

9. Foam Massage Ball By Trigger Point Performance

The Foam Massage Ball from Trigger Point Performance comes in two sizes: 2.6 inches and 5 inches. The 2.6 inch ball also comes in two different levels of firmness. The design of the Foam Massage Ball is very modern and would appeal to both men and women. It has a unique EVA foam surface that is dense yet easy to grip when needed.

– The balls are machine washable.
– The different firmness of the balls makes it perfect for different levels of pressure.
– The smooth EVA foam surface feels smooth when rolled on the skin.
– Bring the small massage ball in your bag for a quick massage even when you are on the go.

– Each massage ball is sold separately.
– The price range of the massage ball is on the higher price range.
– Some users reported that they are similar to lacrosse balls. Buying lacrosse balls are cheaper and they deliver similar results.

Final though on these foot massage balls. They all work. It all depends if you prefer the solid or spiky ball. My all time favorite is the ProSatify massage ball because it has 3 different massage balls and it come with a foot reflexology chart. If you like to sit back and enjoy a foot massage, I would recommend taking a look at the foot massage machines.