Why do you need to buy a foot massager? Well, obviously, you need to take care of your feet. If you want to retain the pinkish or natural color of your feet and relieve the pain caused by long walks and standing for extended periods of time, it is essential that you massage them. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a hassle to do that by just using your hands or hiring a specialist since that will cost you a lot. Because of those reasons, it is very advantageous to get a wooden foot massager. On the other hand, a foot massager is an excellent gift.

In case you do not have a clue on what brand or type of massager you will need to buy, here is a list of the best foot massagers that you can buy online.

1. Soothera Wooden Spindle Foot Massager

It has four regular wooden rollers with small massaging lumps and one roller with big nubs. The massager’s base has soft gripping pads to make sure that the massager will not slip while you are using it. This product costs around $9 up to $12.

2. Zensufu Wooden Foot Roller & Porcupine Massage Ball Foot Massager Combo

The Zensufu wooden foot roller is your typical massage roller. The roller comes with a porcupine massage ball that can make your feet feel relaxed. By the way, it is a bit ticklish to use. The combo costs around $9 up to $10.

3. Thai Foot Massage Stick

If you are in a super tight budget, it is highly suggested that you get a Thai Foot Massage Stick. It only costs around $3 up to $4. Technically, it is just a sturdy stick with a few spindles on it, but it is capable of providing your feet some relief. Unlike the Zensufu wooden foot roller, the Thai foot massage stick does not have a rounded area.

Thai Foot Massage Stick
List Price: $4.10
Price: $4.10
You Save: N/A

4. Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager

The Soothera wooden ball uses balls instead of the regular roller nubs. The balls provide greater pressure to the feet, which can be a better choice for men who do manual labor. Just like the wooden spindle, the Soothera foot massager has soft rubber grips on its base to make sure that it will not move while you use it. It costs $13.

Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager
List Price: $7.21
Price: $7.21
You Save: N/A

5. New Acupressure Roller Wood Foot Massager Stress Relief

OTC’s new acupressure rollerwood foot massager is your typical wooden spindle. It can massage both feet at the same time. However, it lacks rubber grips on its base so it might move when you use it. Nevertheless, it is cheap. It only costs $4.

6. Amazing Reflexology Thai Foot Massage Wooden XShaped Massage Tool Thailand

The wooden x-shaped massage tool might seem to be a bit complicated to use. You can use any of its four points to apply pressure to your feet and relieve the spots that are aching. Each point has different shapes. The first one is small and dumpy, the second is hard and rounded, the third one is a bit blunt and flat, and the last one is blunt and rounded. By the way, when using this massager, you might need to use some massaging oil since it will be difficult to use it if you do not lubricate it. You can get one for only $5.

7. Reflex Foot Massager

This is another roller ball type. However, instead of equally sized round balls, it contains oval balls that have different sizes. The setup makes it easier for your foot to be massaged. You can buy this product for $7 from Amazon.

8. Amazing Reflexology Thai Foot Massage Wooden Roller

This is a very small wooden roller with nubs. The nubs are placed far away from each other to allow them to dig deep to your skin. Due to its small size, it is portable and you can also use it to massage other parts of your body. This small massaging tool only costs $4.

9. Wooden Foot Roller Reflexology Massager Tool

This massaging product is excellent when it comes to relieving the stress accumulation on your feet. If you use it to your feet, your feet will have a better blood circulation. Also, it will promote faster healing and pain recovery. And the good thing about this item is that it only costs around $5 to $10.