Almost everyone’s feet get tired one way or the other. Teachers who have to stand all day long in front of their class, businessmen who have to drive long to meet with their clients, salesmen who need to go from store to store to promote their products, and everybody else is putting pressure on their legs and their feet with their movements, and the jobs that they do.

This is why people must thank manufacturers of foot massagers that can bring relief to painful or tired feet. If you are in search for a good unit, consider the Carepeutic De-luxe Motorized Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager. Following are important details about this product.


This product boasts of good features.

• It comes with a motorized rolling massage system. There are four massage rollers that can effectively take away fatigue and soreness on the foot and calf.

• The water temperature can be controlled by the user. It has an automatic system that balances temperature.

• This machine can produce 300 air bubbles that can help in stimulating foot reflexes.

• The water container of the machine has a good height so that the average user is able to enjoy hot spa for both legs and feet.

• The machine is easy to transport using its mobile caster. If you are someone who wants to bring a massager with you when away from home, this machine will be a nice companion.

• It has a drainage function that can easily drain water after use.


The Carepeutic De-luxe Motorized Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager is a massage tool that is designed to give users a traditional yet satisfying foot reflexology experience. This machine can heat water to the desired temperature to give your calf, legs and feet the relaxation that they need.

This product has wheels for easy mobility and the sides are high so the user should not worry about splashing water on the ankles and soaking them. The whole thing can easily fit in regular-sized bathrooms. The dimensions for this product are 19, 17.5 and 17.5 inches. Shipping weight is 12.6 pounds.


Here are the good things that you might like about this product.

• The temperature can be adjusted easily and it maintains the same level of heat until the temperature control is changed to another setting. You can be sure that it will not burn your skin.

• This machine is quiet and you can watch TV without getting bothered by this foot massager’s operations.

• The bubbles are not like the ones you can have from a real spa service, but this is preferred by many users as the bubbles allow the dropping of the temperature quickly. The warm water is being circulated by a pump.

• The Carepeutic De-luxe Motorized Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager can accommodate different foot sizes and several foot and leg conditions.


Some minor drawbacks are:

• This machine automatically turns off after 30 minutes of operation. This is something that might turn you off, especially if you want to stay long with the temperature rising gradually.

• This machine warns up a little bit slow. It takes about 30 minutes before the user can get in. You will have to plan well your schedules and activities before and after using.