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Fish Foot Spa Pedicure Review 0

Fish Foot Spa Pedicure

Sometimes, women just need a day to sit back and relax. Taking time for oneself is really important and sometimes, the usual manicure and pedicure

March 02, 2014 Foot Treatments
shoefit 0

Choose the right shoes to avoid painful feet

When we buy shoes, most of us pick those that look good with our outfit; we often forget to consider that we need comfortable and

February 09, 2014 Foot Treatments
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Treating Aching Feet with a Foot Massager

If you have one of those jobs where you are on your feet all day and you end up with aching feet every evening, nothing

February 07, 2014 Foot Treatments
heel pain treatment 0

Heel Pain Treatment

Heel pain is a real problem for many people, especially those who spend a lot of time on their feet. It can be under the

February 03, 2014 Foot Treatments
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