Day to day life can be exhausting especially if you spend most of your time on your feet; that’s why so many people choose to relax their feet with foot massagers. If you look in the market, you will see so many different brands with so many different costs, with some of them selling really cheap. Thus begs the question, is a cheap foot massager worth buying?

Like most things cheap, you will probably not get very good value with a cheap foot massager. As much as possible, so long as you can afford it, avoid the stuff that comes for less than $50. Reviews by people who have invested in cheap massagers will speak of various problems such as:

They are too small for the feet. They can only take the one section of the foot at a time which means that you don’t get full stimulation for maximum relaxation.

They are usually noisy; the last thing you want when you are relaxing is a foot massager that’s making loud sounds.

The cheap ones are usually so because they don’t have powerful motors. The motor is what gives the foot massager the power to vibrate. If it isn’t powerful enough, you will not get maximum vibration thus less relaxation.

They also don’t give the kind of heat that’s required. Heat is important for blood circulation; the better the blood circulation the better the health of your feet.

More expensive foot massagers give you the feel of a real masseuse; you will not get the same feel with a cheap foot massager.

The best massagers allow you to choose settings to your comfort – some come with more than a dozen of these. Cheap massagers, on the other hand, will allow you just one or two settings.

Cheap foot massagers don’t usually utilize ergonomic design meaning that they are not designed with the comfort of the use in mind. Here is what one reviewer had to say for a massager that goes for about $30: I am really disappointed in this product. In the first place, you can’t relax while using it. You have to continually control the position of your feet in order to keep them where you want them, as the rotating steel marbles tend to push them to one side. I find the “kneading” of those hard balls very uncomfortable–almost–not quite–painful.

Lastly, cheap massagers will not last long; you will soon have to replace them because they will break.

So does it mean that expensive foot massagers are all good? Not necessarily, and that is why you as a consumer must do some research. Don’t trust what a brand is saying it can do. The best way to find out is to look at user reviews. What are other people who have tried the massager saying? If you find more bad than good, you are probably looking at a foot massager that isn’t worth your money.