Fish Foot Spa Pedicure ReviewSometimes, women just need a day to sit back and relax. Taking time for oneself is really important and sometimes, the usual manicure and pedicure just does not cut it when one has a really stressful day. However, for those who still want to get pampered, a really awesome and unique way to do so is by trying a Fish Foot Spa. This fish foot spa pedicure review will give insight to those that are curious about this one of a kind treatment. This may sound a bit odd and maybe even weird for those that have never heard of this before but let me tell you it is absolutely fabulous.

A fish foot spa pedicure is when tiny fish nibble and suck of the dead skin cells off your feet. This may make some people cringe, but this fish foot spa pedicure review is here to tell you that it feels wonderful. At first, it is a bit intimidating when you have to dip your feet into a basin with tiny fish swimming in it. The smooth, supple skin that you get after the pedicure is very much worth it though.

As expected it, does feel a bit weird at first. The thought of having tiny creatures nibbling at your feet can make some folks anxious. But once you start to relax and get comfortable, it is actually kind of ticklish. Others will tell you that it feels like there are small bubbles bumping into their feet.

Surprisingly, there were other benefits to this type of pedicure aside from the usual rest and relaxation that comes with it. Some people feel that the fish can actually stimulate certain acupuncture areas on your feet. This is perfect when you need something to relax you and it also aids in regulating the nervous system. Other benefits also include the encouragement of better blood flow and the removal of obstruction on the pores of your feet.

Who doesn’t suffer from hard skin on the soles of their feet? This is probably the best, most efficient and the most fun way to get rid of certain skin diseases on a temporary basis. This treatment is ideal for those that suffer from dry eczema and psoriasis. When the fish nibble on the dead skin cells they extract their saliva which contains anthralin which aids in the growth of new skin. This is the perfect way to get rid of scarred skin and itchy dry patches on your feet.

One common misconception for those who have heard of this type of treatment is that it is unhygienic. This is totally false. The spa water that is used during these pedicures is always changed immediately after the customer is done. The spa water is never used more than once and is never used for multiple customers.

Hopefully, this fish foot spa pedicure review has brought to light what great benefits come with having these little garra rufa fish nibbling away at your feet. It may not be for everyone but it is definitely something that is worth a shot.