Getting a foot massage is one of the best ways to relieve sore feet, but most of us do not always have the luxury to go to the massage parlor for that. A good alternative is to purchase a good quality foot massager that one can use at home.

Most people love great massage not only because of the amazing feeling it gives but it also relieves tension and relaxes exhausted muscles and nerves. In fact, it has been said that foot massages can improve a person’s overall health when done regularly. Buying a foot massager is definitely a great idea, especially if you move around a lot. However, in order to pick the best one out there, it is important to know the different types of foot massagers first.

Manual Foot Massagers

These are the most basic foot massagers available in the market. Manual foot massagers are commonly made out of wood but some are made out of rubber and shaped into a ball. Both the wood and the rubber foot massagers are foot rollers, designed so that you roll the entire length of your foot over it.

There are many reasons why people go for these types of foot massagers even if electric ones are available. First, they are cheap! You can bring them anywhere you want as they are very handy, even at work or on the plane. Best of all, it does not burden your electricity bill while still providing a wonderful feeling for your feet.

Electric Foot Massagers

As the name suggests, electric foot massagers need electricity for them to work. Different models offer different kinds of features, and most of them provide variable speed controls to accommodate your needs. The type of massage movements also varies –– some models will work on one area at a time while some models will massage various parts of your feet simultaneously. Depending on the manufacturer, you can get features such as heat and variable vibration styles, and some also offer shiatsu and infrared foot massagers. While foot massage machines may not be as precise as the strokes of a massage therapist, shiatsu foot massagers are actually great options if you want to go for the electric ones.

One of the advantages of foot massage machines over wooden or manual foot massagers is that it provides a more customized foot massage experience. It is easier to adjust the pressure to your liking, and some models have even integrated a calf massager to relieve stress from your calf muscles and to improve blood circulation in your legs. However, electric foot massagers are not exactly handy like your foot rollers.

Foot Spa Massagers

This type of massager is probably the most expensive of all the three. It is an electric foot massager with heat and water features that help relax the foot’s muscles and joints. The heat and water maximize the device’s therapeutic benefits. The warm water and jet bubbles exfoliate your feet and these features are perfect, especially if your feet are dry and tired. Because of its additional features, foot spa massagers are generally larger than normal electric foot massagers and it may therefore be inconvenient to bring during travels.


Wooden foot massagers are cheap and handy, but foot massage machines provide a more customized experience. While they differ in some aspects, they both serve the same purpose which is to provide relief and relaxation for your feet. Now that you know some of your foot massager options, it is up to you to decide which features you need the most.