Know the pros of heated foot massagers.

Thanks to increasingly rapid improvements in modern technology, foot massagers now come in all shapes and sizes. One of the latest developments is heated foot massagers. Unlike “normal” foot massagers, these have the element of heat, on top of the pressure and vibration they already come with. And this begs the question: Are heated foot massagers better than their so-called normal counterparts? The general consensus is yes. Why? Take a look at some of the points below:

1. It is a well-known fact that heat increases and improves blood circulation.This is why women, especially those who suffer from menstrual cramps, are advised to place a hot compress over the abdominal area, as the heat will cause the blood that has coagulated (or clotted) to thin out, thus easing and even expediting its flow.

2. Hot compresses are also applied to soothe tense muscles of athletes, or for wherever — and whenever — cramps occur. So a heated foot massager is just what you need to help you relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. The heat felt by the feet will send signals of relaxation to the brain, and also have a positive effect on the body’s other internal organs.

3. Heat helps alleviate swelling. People who stand on their feet all day due to their work, such as laborers, salespeople, and teachers, will definitely be more prone to achy feet and even swollen muscles. A foot massager that’s boosted with heat will certainly come in handy, especially if they don’t have the time or the resources to spare to go for a much-needed foot massage.

4. The vibrating movement and pressure applied by a foot massager help relieve tired feet, and the addition of heat will only increase the relief. In fact, the heat will rejuvenate the feet, and also help in increasing one’s chances of getting better sleep. (Remember, people with cold feet — literally — have a hard time catching some Zzzs.)

5. The application of heat can soften callouses (which can be painful) and the overall skin. It also opens up pores, thus giving your stressed feet room to breathe — literally!

6. Aside from loosening the muscles, heat relaxes tired, stressed out joints. What’s more, since the muscles have softened and become suppler due to the heat, the pressure of the massager will not “hurt” as much. Hence, the possibility of bruising is decreased. The heat preps and conditions the feet for a luxurious DIY massage, right in the comfort of your own home!

7. One advantage of heated foot massagers is that you can control the temperature. Therefore, you can adjust the heat according to your preference. Some people have a high tolerance for heat, while others don’t, so getting a heated foot massager that has controls for temperature is a great idea.

8. The entry points of coolness or chilliness are on the extreme ends of the body: the head and the feet. That’s why it’s advisable to keep them warm when the climate cools down. A heated foot massager will definitely warm you up — from the feet up.

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