Heel pain is a real problem for many people, especially those who spend a lot of time on their feet. It can be under the heel – which is otherwise called planter fasciitis – or it can be just behind which is called Achilles Tendinitis. Wherever it is, it can be very painful and it needs to get attention immediately. Many people resort to medical solutions and this is okay, but if you want to try non-medical treatments before you resort to pills and even operations, you should try regular foot massages.

Because using a masseuse every day can be very expensive, foot massagers come in very handy. You pay for them only once and they can give you a foot massage every day. Foot massagers offer heel pain treatment by doing two things: they vibrate so as to improve blood circulation and they also send heat to the feet which also helps blood to flow better. If you are wondering what blood circulation as to do with heel pain treatment, it is because better blood circulation means that your cells get more oxygen. Oxygen in turn will help with reducing pain and swelling and it will restore cells to optimum performance.

Some people are more susceptible to heel pain than others. We already mentioned people who are on their feet for many hours. Others who may need to invest in foot massagers are people who favor very flat shoes such as flip flops and also people who are obese (a BMI of over 30).

How do you know which foot massager is best?

There are certain features that good foot massagers possess.

1. They tend to cost more than $50. Most massagers that cost less than this will not deliver very relaxing and healing foot massages.

2. They have a strong motor and rollers. The motor is the one that powers the massager and provides the vibrating motion. The rollers do the massaging and give a feel of deep tissue massage just like a real masseuse will.

3. Choose a massager that as several different settings. You should be able to, for example, adjust the vibrations, the direction of roller motion and even the heat. This way, you can be sure that your feet are stimulated at many different points.

4. Make sure that the massager that you choose can hold your feet completely. There are many in the market that hold just a part of the foot and this means that you don’t get the kind of stimulation that’s required for proper blood circulation.

5. It is important that you choose a sturdy massager that can take the weight of your legs. The more you weigh the stronger your foot massager needs to be.

6. Always look at what other users are saying about a certain kind of massager before you buy it. There are a lot of helpful reviews that can lead you to the best massager for you.

If your foot massager doesn’t provide the heel pain treatment that you need, you should see a doctor and get a diagnosis – your feet may be suffering from something more serious.