Keeping our feet clean and healthy is a habit that people should not find ignorable or unimportant. It may sound somehow farfetched for some people and others may not entirely agree with this but keeping healthy feet is our foundation towards being a well-rounded person, one who’s able to do so many things confidently. Also, bruises and calluses on the feet will make life really difficult.

Unfortunately, people do tend to forget how to take good care of their feet, especially some men. Caring for the feet does not entirely mean having regular pedicure and foot spa. One of the most important ways on how to take care of our feet is no other than choosing the right shoes with the proper fit.

Yes, those shoes may look extremely attractive; and yes, they may match your dress perfectly, but that doesn’t mean it’s the one pair that you should buy and wear. When you do, however, you have to make sure that it’s properly fitted to you. Otherwise, pain and difficulty running, walking, or even moving your feet a little bit awaits you.

The pain and difficulty of running or walking because of tight shoes can eventually lead to a general feeling of ache and body weakness. You’ll feel tired and unable to go on with your tasks. It may even contribute to an alteration of your body posture and in the long run, bone fracture and deformities.

So what are you trying to avoid happening when you choose the right pair of shoes that perfectly fits your size? You’ll be surprised at how many awful situations a bad pair of shoes can put you into:

1. Ingrown toe nails

An extremely unpleasant condition, ingrown toe nails are what many people hate. This is also the reason why ladies regularly visit the salon for pedicure and nail care, to avoid ingrown toe nails. Another one way how to avoid it, a cheaper way even, is by choosing shoes that properly fit your size.

2. Callus and corns

Aside from ingrowing toe nails, wrong shoe sizes can result to formation of callus and corns to the toes and the heels of the feet. Callus and corns can be unattractive. They are thickened portions of the skin as a result of the skin’s protection against the rough surfaces that it hits frequently, such as the walls of tight-fitting shoes. This may lead to blisters and more lesions on skins.

3. Bunion

Another thing that can add to the pain caused by wrong shoe sizes is the formation of bunion. A bunion is a deformity in which the toe deviates toward the outside of the foot. The toe twists in a manner wherein the inside touches the ground and its outside edge turns upwards. This is not pleasant to look at and can lead to difficulty in walking and skin lesions.

4. Stunted growth

The relation between improper shoe fit and stunted growth is more applicable to children. Wrong size of shoes can leave a very small space for the necessary expansion, promoting stunted feet growth.

Historical Chinese practice of foot binding among female children resulted to inhibition of proper growth. This was to their liking because historical Chinese traditions refer to attractive women as the petite ones with the small feet. However, this practice incurs pain and lifetime feet damage to these children.