You’ve probably heard it before, water that turns to rusty orange or muddy brown after soaking your feet in it. This is a relatively new method of cleansing the body by soaking your feet in warm bubbly water inside a contraption. Ionic foot detox has gradually swept the nation since it was introduced some years back. Nowadays, foot detox is readily available in spas while foot bath systems may be purchased in stores and online.

As the name implies, ionic foot detox uses the process of ionization combined with the philosophies of reflexology and acupuncture to draw out the toxic materials inside the body through the feet. The feet are placed in the footbath and soaked in ankle-deep warm water then subjected to a mild electric current that is conducted through a metal unit strategically placed in the foot bath. This causes the ionization and, eventually, the detoxification of the body.

In a matter of minutes the water will change its appearance, specifically its color. The color change signifies that toxins have been released by the body. But it doesn’t end there. It is said that the resulting color determines what may be wrong inside your body. People who are trained to ‘read’ the results can pinpoint the area in your body that is unhealthy.

Advocates of the ionic foot detox claim that it can help treat medical conditions such as diabetes and cancer. The principle behind the foot detox is that the body has to be more alkaline to be healthy. Normally, the body is leaning more on being acidic because of our diet and lifestyle. Ionization helps the body balance the ions and makes the body more alkaline by flushing out the toxins or free radicals.

Who wouldn’t want this? A way you can rid your body of toxins without the hassles of going through some drastic diet change or by sweating them out through exercise. All you need to do is to visit a spa that offers these services or purchase your own foot detox system. Sounds promising, right?

The problem with the foot detox is that there are quite a number of people who say it is a scam. In fact, the American public affairs program Inside Edition went on investigating and discovered that the color change that occurs to the water is not caused by toxins at all. Inside Edition interviewed a few doctors and even brought a foot detox bath to an electrical engineer during their investigation. Turns out, the water in the foot bath will turn rusty or muddy even if there is no foot soaked in it. What really happens is that the metals inside the contraption are subjected to electrolysis which is a chemical process that hastens rusting. So the rust-colored water is actually that – RUST.

SO if you’re asking whether foot detox is good or bad, the answer depends on you. It is bad because it does not deliver on its promise of detoxifying your body but instead cleanses your pocket of some of your hard-earned money. For some users, however, the foot detox becomes good because it tricks the mind into thinking that the body is getting better and healthier which is a good first step in the process of healing.