This article is a review of the MediDyne ProStretch Unilateral Stretching System.

Stretching is an important part of the workout. Before workout, it helps prepare your muscles, ligaments, and tendons so you avoid cramps. After a workout, it can serve as a cool-down.

This is not the only use of stretching. When joints receive excessive strain, you may regularly feel pain. Stretching can relieve it. Stretching can also be a part of physical therapy to help patients recover faster from injury.

While you can do stretching by yourself, it will help greatly if you have good equipment designed for stretching.This is especially true if there’s something that prevents you from doing heavy exercises. For example, you’ve just had surgery or the doctor recommends you don’t stand for a while due to some injury. You can pick up a device so you don’t have to completely stop from working out.

The MediDyne ProStretch Unilateral Stretching System is one such equipment. This particular device is for the lower leg and foot. Let’s analyze the features of this product and couple it with consumer reports to determine how well it does its job.

In its product description, it is meant for exercising one leg at a time. It is for general stretching but there are also specific uses.

The MediDyne ProStretch Unilateral Stretching System utilizes the rocker boot style. This design allows you maximum stretching motion. Thus, the user can stretch his targets as much as necessary or recommended. The stretch is gradual and even. Thus, there is little to no risk of overstretching or stretching too quickly. These can cause unnecessary strain or even injury, so it’s essential to prevent them.

The equipment is also designed to fit any foot size. There is a heel plate at the back and the front has none. So, the user only needs to rest his or her heel at the heel plate and the front accommodates the foot even if it’s longer than the device. Thus, it is no longer necessary to have different sizes, except maybe for extreme cases.

The heel plate prevents the foot from slipping. The user can stretch without worrying about dislodging from the device. This is important to keep the position stable while the foot stays effortlessly on the device.

If it’s important for the user’s foot to stay on the device, it is equally important that the device stays in position. For that, it has a rubber strip underneath.

Positioning the foot is not a problem. The design of the foot plate makes sure that the user aligns his or her foot properly onto the device. It helps provide the most effective stretch and avoid unnecessary strain due to improper foot position.

The device is designed with a mid-foot gap. This helps follow the arch of the foot. It also enables the device to be used for ankle strengthening and arch stretching.

Among customer reports, it is shown that they find the MediDyne ProStretch Unilateral Stretching System to be sturdy, lightweight, easy to store, and safe. Users report that they’ve used it for general stretching, relief from Plantar Fasciitis, recovering a broken ankle, and other therapies.