Many people are saying that the Medimassager MMF06B 11 Speed Foot Massager is the most powerful massager that is available to the public. But before you jump to the bandwagon, examine first if the benefits and the features are really suitable for you.

Main Features

The manufacturers are boasting about the following features.

• This massager has 11 different massage speeds. In rpm, the range would be from 1000 – 3700.
• It comes with a full-sized oscillating pad. For better comfort and right foot placement, there is an arch-bar on the top of the pad.
• The pad surface includes an area where the user can easily place his foot to target pressure points. Study reflexology diagrams to know which places of the foot you need to manipulate the most.
• The construction was designed to make the machine last. This massager comes with a kit so it can be comfortably seated on a tiled or a hardwood floor.
• The price is set to include 1 year warranty against failure and defects

Product Specifications

Specs that need to be considered are the following:

• Space – Dimensions are 12 x 16 x 9.5 inches
• Shipping weight – 12 pounds
• Heat option – none
• Length of time – This product can be used for at most 15 minutes every single time
• This massager has been designed to be really quiet during use. Take good care of it and it won’t bother your book reading or television watching for years to come.


Aside from the obvious benefit, you may find the following facts and opinions about the product beneficial as well.

• The foot pad is lying at an angle that is perfect for foot massaging position. You can have it underneath the computer table and place on it your feet. Your feet will be positioned comfortably, according to users. You can put your feet on it and experience the same comfort even if it is not operating.
• From doctors and physical therapists, this product is winning approval. The product is helping them in slowly improving their patients’ quality of blood circulation on the feet and the legs. They noticed that it is particularly helping in easing away pain at the extremities.
• The product is also promising in the area of major diseases such as neuropathy and diabetes. Diabetic patients who are using the machine feel less thirsty and those with neuropathy are experiencing less muscle spasms. Do read more reviews if you want more encouragement. One patient reviewer said that after many years of inflexibility of his entire feet, he could finally move his largest toes. This is all because of this machine.


If this product will work a miracle for you as well, it can be the best investment you will ever spend your money on. It is listed at $290 in most shops, but you can get it for a low price on Amazon.

Give this massager a try. It can be the solution you’ve been waiting for so long to happen. It might drastically change your life for the better.