Your feet and legs bear the weight of your body and they provide proper support. After a long and tiring day at work, it is best to spend some relaxing moments with a foot massager like the OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager. The uPhoria is inspired by the foot reflexology massage that is famous for providing soothing relief for pain. It might hurt at first but the exhaustion brought by the day’s work will soon vanish.

OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager Features and Specs

The unit has a length of 19.5 inches, width of 19.25 inches, and height of 20.25 inches (but when fully inclined, the height only measures 18 inches). It is heavy at 35.25 pounds and the user will need to place it somewhere accessible so as not to take it in and out of storage all the time.

OSIM uPhoria boasts being the world’s first Tui-Na leg massager. Tui-Na can be considered as a complete healing system because it does not only work on muscle groups, poor circulation, joints, and pain areas but also targets meridian points. OSIM uPhoria does the same thing on your legs and by doing so, it helps promote positive energy flow.

The OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager also uses squeezing massage and it can completely wrap the lower legs. It aims to accommodate all sizes of calves and feet.

OSIM uPhoria uses rollers to massage the bottoms of your feet for reflexology stimulation. It also has heat and vibrating action to complete the needed massage.

It has different programs that intend to make you relax, tone your muscles, apply reflexology, and facilitate sleep. Choose the program that will best suit your needs at that particular time.

It also comes with manual controls if you want a custom massage. You will get to choose from the three settings of vibration and two settings of glide and knead.

You will appreciate the lockable and adjustable angle setting, and the OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager comes with a washable fabric cover. You don’t need to worry about keeping it clean and fresh.

Advantages of the Product

The unit intends to fit all sizes of calves and feet to deliver a massage that will take away the exhaustion of the day’s work.

It is the only massager that uses Tui-na massage to deliver the needed soothing relief after working practically non-stop during the day.

The different program modes can deliver what they intend to deliver and you will find that beneficial especially if you are looking for ways to achieve total relaxation.

The washable covers can prevent any unwanted smell and allows you to maintain the fresh feel of the fabric against your skin while massaging your calves and feet.

Disadvantages of the Product

People with bigger calves might find some difficulty fitting their lower legs into the area for calves. Expect to have painful yet soothing massage and it might be more painful than usual if you have bigger calves.

It is heavy and bulky. You need to designate a specific spot for it in order to avoid moving it from place to place. You might hurt your back by just moving the unit; it is advisable to just put it in a particular space that has a relaxing atmosphere to give you the most comfortable massage experience.

If you are tight on your budget, you might find it expensive at $600. There are cheaper foot massagers but they do not guarantee to deliver the benefits that uPhoria can give. The cheaper machines don’t have Tui-Na massage in them.

The Users’ Opinion

Most users find the machine effective and they enjoyed their massage session with OSIM uPhoria. There are some who complained about the bruising that the machine gave them but with a few angle adjustments (and some help from thick knee-high socks), the bruising was no longer a problem. Older users especially appreciate the sleep program.

Final Verdict

OSIM uPhoria Foot & Calf Massager has all the necessary elements that you want in a foot and calf massager and it will definitely work for you if you have some cash to spare. It is expensive but if you will consider the benefits that the massager can give (and for a long time), you can say that they are all worth it.