The kind of life people are having now is susceptible to stress development. Stress relieving gadgets and appliances are very much welcome, and one relaxation tool that you should have at home or in the office is a foot massager. This review takes a look at the benefits that one can get from a reputable product from a reputable brand—the Sharper Image Foot Massager.

Main Features

The Sharper Image Foot Massager comes with the following main features:

• Six individual Shiatsu heads that can operate simultaneously. This can mean faster massaging time so your feet and the target muscles can achieve relaxation much more quickly.

• This foot relaxing machine allows different heat options for the user. You can either increase or decrease the temperature according to your needs and body chemistry.

• The controls can be manipulated by the user without having to bend over. This machine has been designed to offer utmost convenience to users. The controls can be manipulated by using the toes alone.


Aside from the usual benefits that people can get from foot massagers, there are other benefits provided by the Sharper Image Foot Massager that are worth mentioning.

• Very Affordable

You may be worrying about the budget, but with this product, you can enjoy the benefits without shelling out too much. The price for this product is on the average about one-third the price of any of the more expensive brands.

• Helps to Heal Feet Conditions

This product goes beyond feet relaxation. Some reviewers have reported that it can help in the healing of plantar fasciitis and sprained ankles. The trick is to press the affected part onto the revolving massagers and let them softly go back and forth. This will let the blood come rushing in and do the necessary healing processes. Some people have even said that this product is also effective in treating neuropathy and phantom nerve pain.

• Massage Balls Are Placed in the Right Spots

If you have tried other massage units before, you might have noticed that most of them are just vibrating and some of them have massage balls that seem to be misplaced. Some people say that misplaced balls can hurt especially if they are exerting force at an angle that is uncomfortable for the feet. With this product, there are no such complaints. The balls are placed where they should be and they can exert force without hitting the sensitive parts of the feet.

• It Allows the User to Apply the Right Pressure

This machine has heads that roll underneath the feet. With that setup, the user can just apply deeper pressure by curling his or her toes or firmly pressing down. Otherwise, the user can just let the machine roll over and over for light pressure application.

Some Minor Drawbacks

There are some little issues that you should consider before buying:

• When using the machine, you’ll probably find that it forces your knees to be uncomfortably close. Some say that this product was not designed with men in mind.

• The Sharper Image Foot Massager may be somewhat of a letdown for people who like deep massage. The product’s main goal is muscle and nerve stimulation. Thus, it is advisable to test it in the store before buying it and bringing it home.