When we buy shoes, most of us pick those that look good with our outfit; we often forget to consider that we need comfortable and well fitted shoes. As a result, we suffer pain, discomfort and worst, plantar fasciitis – a condition that causes a stabbing pain in the heel. That is why it is very important to pay good attention when picking the right pair of shoes for painful feet.

Indeed, it is good to note that shoe manufacturers make different models and types of shoes; thus, there is a wide selection of shoes available for you to choose from, allowing you to find the right pair that fits your needs and offers comfort. However, before you pick one, consider the following factors when choosing the right shoes.

Freedom of movement

When you go to the shoe store, make sure that you try first the shoes before buying them. Wiggle your toes inside to find out if it offers freedom of movement. If you feel any pain or discomfort, go for a larger size to keep the pain from getting worse. It would be better if you try bending the shoe to see the flexibility of the sole. This way, you can check if the sole is rigid or does not allow freedom of movement – the main causes of having painful feet.

Adequate toe room and arch support

Comfort is certainly a big issue for people who are standing on their feet all day. Compared to sitting, prolonged standing will cause your feet to spread more, therefore, opting for footwear with adequate toe room and arch support is very important. Check the support and padding of the shoe by placing your hand on its vital areas like the arches, heel and ball of the feet.

Shoe sizes

Another important aspect in choosing shoes is the size. Because proper shoe size is of utmost priority, you can use measuring instruments or tapes to get the appropriate measurements of your foot size. Getting the proper size will prevent the mistake of choosing over-sized or too small shoes. Very large shoes are loose, heavy and difficult to walk on while too small shoes may cause pain and constant rubbing between the shoe and the foot leading to bruises, redness or allergic reactions.

Shoe insoles

Shoe insoles are shock absorbers that cushion your feet to avoid feeling the impact of the bumps on the road. Choose shoes with full size insoles, it provides good cushioning that protects multiple pressure points and minimize pain and injuries.

Shoe materials

There are shoe materials that go with the shape of the foot and minimize resistance in sensitive areas. Shoes made from leather or suede has these characteristics, aside from the fact that these shoe materials offer great comfort and flexibility.

Maximum height, maximum comfort

Excessively high-heeled and narrow toed shoes can eventually cause pain to the ankles, knees, back, toes and calves. When you wear high-heeled footwear, you will experience pressure on the front and ball of your foot since it does not distribute your weight evenly, and if it is too narrow, chances are you will get bunions and hammertoes. So, to avoid these conditions, choose shoes with maximum height of at least 1 inch in order to achieve maximum comfort and ease.