If you have one of those jobs where you are on your feet all day and you end up with aching feet every evening, nothing will work better for you than a foot massager. Foot massagers are created specifically to deal with aching or pain feet; they have a motor and rollers which makes them vibrate and this is how they give healing to tired feet.

Most foot massagers that are rated as good aim for pressure points in the foot. They are made to imitate the oriental form of healing by applying pressure to specific nerves. Pressure applied on certain parts of the foot, for instance, will not just relax it but it will also boost autoimmunity which means that you are less prone to common conditions such as colds. These foot massagers come with buttons that allow you to choose settings that you are comfortable using.

Ideally, a good foot massager is designed in such a way that they feel like an actual masseuse. In fact, if you look at many reviews of the top foot massagers in the market, you will notice that users say that they feel like they are receiving a massage from a real person. They are of course cheaper than having a real masseuse come in every day and deliver you a foot massage.

Foot massagers are often confused with foot baths. It is true that they have some things in common – they both heat up and they vibrate, but foot massagers don’t have a water well and they are meant to deliver dry massages. Also, foot baths are also used mostly during pedicures.

Foot massagers aren’t just for aching feet. Some people with chronic conditions that interfere with blood flow also benefit a lot from using them. Because they vibrate and they heat up, they are able to restore normal blood circulation to the feet and swollen feet will usually go back to normal.

What to look for in a foot massager

Because there are so many brands in the market, you shouldn’t buy the first foot massager that you come across. Be careful of the very cheap – their quality is usually compromised. Here are some qualities you should be looking for.

They should be able to hold the whole foot. You will be surprised at the number of reviews by users who say they ordered a foot massager online and their feet couldn’t fit in it. If a massager can’t hold your whole foot it isn’t delivering full value.

Look for sturdy foot massagers. Sturdy means that it doesn’t look flimsy and is made in such a way that it doesn’t break easily.

There are a lot of foot massagers in the market that are very noisy; you want to keep away from these because the last thing you want when you are trying to relax is the loud hum of your foot massager.

Buy one that as buttons for you to select heat, vibration and other settings.

These 4 qualities will lead you to the best foot massager for your aching feet.