Lower Leg and foot pain affect a lot of people, especially the athletes, cyclists, runners and those who are busy with their work and everyday routine. The lower leg and foot carry the full weight of your body and thus affect your mobility.

The Trigger Point Performance Foot & Lower Leg Kit contains the tools that you need to relieve the pain in your lower leg and foot. The kit contains:

• 1 Footballer and 2 Massage balls – The especially shaped footballer is designed to provide deep tissue massage in the lower leg and foot area. The massage balls and the footballer are made from strong yet soft and sturdy materials. These massage tools feel like the hands of a real masseuse to ensure that enough pressure is given to the painful areas. These massage tools do not compress even after continued use.

• Foot and lower leg instructional DVD – This DVD contains a detailed instruction on how to perform the myofascial massage properly, especially on the peroneus, soleus, soleus-calf junction and anterior tibialis. This DVD also includes the Class Session which shows you how to properly implement the manipulations regularly for healthier foot movements.

• Biomechanical Education DVD – Daily activities such as walking, running and sitting affects your biomechanics. This DVD explains how these simple daily activities can affect your biomechanics and gives you tips about proper stretching, hydration, icing and other beneficial health tips you can use for your daily living.

Every bone and joint in your body is connected to your muscles. Your lower leg and foot go through a lot of stress every day. Due to your daily activities, the tendons and muscles in your lower leg and foot compress and tighten. The Trigger Point Performance Foot & Lower Leg Kit provides a relieving myofascial massage to your muscles.

Myofascial massage decompresses and strengthens the muscles and tendons on your lower leg and foot. The muscles are stretched and relaxed; therefore, your pain is relieved.

Myofascial massage technique relaxes your tensed muscles by releasing the bond between the integument, fascia and muscles, relieving the pain. Myofascial massage also helps increase your equilibrioception and range of motion. Myofascial massage therapy is done by applying enough pressure on the affected area in different directions, also known as skin rolling. By using the Trigger Point Performance Foot & Lower Leg kit, you are able to put enough pressure on your lower leg and foot by using your own weight. The massage tools retain their shape even after a number of uses.

The Trigger Point Performance Foot & Lower Leg Kit is recommended to be used 5 to 7 minutes before you start your daily exercise routine. These massage tools help stretch and strengthen your muscles to ensure maximum performance and to avoid injuries. You may use these massage tools again an hour after your workout or exercise routine to help in faster muscle recovery. Before you go to bed, you can use this kit again to aid in the redevelopment of your muscles and to help restore motion in your ankles.

The Instructional DVD also teaches you how to use this kit to massage your lower leg and foot regularly to prevent pain and possible injuries due to poor biomechanics. Effective and efficient techniques are provided in the instructional DVD to relieve muscular pain in the calf, shins, plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, heel, metatarsals and the soleus. The Trigger Point Performance Foot & Lower Leg Kit is safe and easy to use. This kit is the better way to relieve your lower leg and foot pain.